3 April 2018

HFSP award to Anne Grapin-Botton

scientific award

The Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) is an international program of research support, funding frontier research on the complex mechanisms of living organisms. Research is funded at all levels of biological complexity from biomolecules to the interactions between organisms.

HFSP Research Grants are awarded for novel, ground-breaking collaborations involving extensive collaboration among teams of scientists working in different countries and in different disciplines.

The team of Anne Grapin-Botton, together with three international teams, Daniel Riveline (France), Alf Honnigmann (Germany) and Masaki Sano (Japan) were awarded the prestigious Human Frontiers Science Project fellowship for their interdisciplinary project investigating the coupling between polarization and differentiation in pancreatic and neural organoids.

The team will combine approaches in three-dimensional culture of stem/progenitor cells into organs, bioengineering, super-resolution microscopy and in silico modelling, aiming to uncover the common rules on how progenitors establish a polarized epithelial template, and how this template is then differentially used to generate organ-specific differentiation patterns.  Organoids have recently found more and more medical use in personalized medicine and this fundamental project will enable to boost the reproducibility of organoid formation.

The Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP)