8 February 2018

Highly motivated teenagers meet stem cell scientists


It is the second year that DanStem hosts The Science Talent Academy, a 2-year science study programme for talented young students attending upper-secondary schools in Denmark

DanStem is known for its rich outreach and dissemination activities. We seek to foster connections between scientists and the community and to facilitate communication and knowledge dissemination. 

We build relationships that connect DanStem with individuals and communities at the local, and regional levels, one of those is The Science Talent Academy visit.

The Science Talent Academy is a 2-year science study programme for talented young students attending upper-secondary schools in Denmark. This year again, DanStem scientists reached out and provided a plan tailored to this target group.

50 excited students arrived to DanStem in the morning of February 2nd, 2018 accompanied by five teachers and group leaders.  

The day started with a lecture by Associate Professor of Agnete Kirkeby and continued with visiting science stations, each covered a topic related to stem cells and developmental biology.  

Scientific stations

  1. Stem Cells – Cell culture in the laboratory
  2. Disease Modeling – Frogs/Fish
  3. Bioinformatics
  4. Tissue Microscopy – Human Tissue
  5. Model Organisms – Mouse
  6. Model Organisms – Chicken

“The student really value the chance to take a peek into the world they are contemplating entering”, said Morten Moldrup, the project leader. .

Read more about the programme HERE 

Video: The Science Talent Academy

DanStem team:

PhD student Coline Gentil, PhD student Mikkel Morsing, MSc student Veronica
Castiglioni, Postdoc Luca Mariani, PhD student Xiaogang Guo, Assistant professor Yung Hae Kim, Associate Professor Agnete Kirkeby, PhD student Karolina Ditrychova, Associate Professor Jakub Sedzinski, PhD student Nadine Goldhammer, PhD student Gaurav Rathore, Research Assistant Ajuna Azad, PhD student Niels A. Menezes, PhD student Selcen Beydag, Postdoc Siham Yennek, PhD student Alba Riveiro, Senior scientist Mette Jørgensen, Research Coordinator Simone Wenkel