DanStem at Hydra XI Summer School 2015 – University of Copenhagen

09 October 2015

DanStem at Hydra XI Summer School 2015

hydra summer school 2015

A delegation of scientists from DanStem has participated at Hydra summer school in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine and came back with very good experience.

Professor Anne Grapin-Botton, and a group of 4 PhD students  from DanStem have participated at Hydra summer-school 2015.

Here is the story of Hydra as it was told by the young scientists:

Maya Friis Kjærgaard’s of Danstem, recalls her highlight from the series of lectures and workshops covering basic science, translational progress, ethics and public engagement:

One of the talks during Hydra summer school that I found especially inspiring, was Malin Parmer’s talk on stem cell therapies for Parkinson’s disease. The advances her lab and other labs working on similar questions, have made in the past years are truly impressing. In just a couple of years, Malin Parmer and her team are going to treat the first Parkinson’s patients with dopaminergic neurons derived from human embryonic stem cells. The whole setup is part of a huge collaboration involving several research groups in Europe as well as a group in the US. It was very motivating to hear how several years of bench work can eventually culminate in a clinical therapy, and I was also impressed by the collaborative efforts between the partners who have standardized all procedures to make their clinical results comparable between the countries.

For Marta Perera Pérez of Danstem, the opportunity for in depth conversations with leading scientists about the work they do was a unique opportunity:

During the week at Hydra we got the opportunity to talk with the speakers in small groups. So, after attending the lecture, you could have the opportunity to actually get closer to them and discuss the topics more deeply. I was surprised that they also shared with us their opinions and insights and not only the points discussed at their talks. I think all of them made a great effort to level with us and to speak to us as colleagues and not as students.

For Hjalte List Larsen of Danstem the poster sessions provided a vibrant atmosphere:

In addition to the many great lectures, the Hydra summer school offered a truly inspiring poster session. At 9 AM 12-15 designated students would put up their posters on the white boards located in a small hotel patio amongst palms and colourful flowers. Even though the poster session wasn’t scheduled until late in the evening, and despite the location of the posters close to the tempting pool area, there was a constant buzz at the posters in the breaks between talks. The fact that only few students presented posters every day created an intense atmosphere during the evening sessions, as the many remaining students were free to browse the posters. I was very impressed by the level of interaction and engagement at the session, and the mix of people from multiple different fields within stem cell biology research challenged me to explain my research in different ways and made me see my project from whole new perspectives. There was a continuous flux of people at posters and on many occasions people were lining up for the next start of that two minutes poster description. After two hours of non-stop engagement at my poster, I left the session overwhelmed by the interest and the flood of exciting feedback, craving a drink after all that talking in the dry Greek summer night air.