4 February 2017

Inspiration day for teachers – Workshop at DanStem


On February 2, 2017 DanStem hosted the workshop ‘How to make an organ?’ to inspire high school teachers in their efforts to teach stem cell and developmental biology.

The workshop was run as part of the Inspiration day offered by the Faculties of Science and Health at the University of Copenhagen (http://inspirationsdag.ku.dk).

In the workshop 12 teachers from different Danish high schools had the chance to explore the world of stem cell and developmental biology and got ideas how to integrate the topic into their teaching curricula. They got insight in the mechanisms that help a single fertilized egg form into a complex organism, in the way cells develop, and how cells differentiate from immature progenitor or stem cells into more mature cells with a specific function.

DanStem scientists Mette Jørgensen, Svend Dahl-Jensen and Simone Wenkel prepared hands-on activities that evolved around key processes in embryonic development. All participants had the opportunity to dissect the early embryos from fertilized chicken eggs and played DanStem’s newly developed board game about stem cell differentiation.