DanStem Seminar by Isabella Artner, 7 October 2015, 12:00 – University of Copenhagen

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30 September 2015

DanStem Seminar by Isabella Artner, 7 October 2015, 12:00


Isabella Artner, Lund University, Sweden Title: MafA-controlled nicotinic receptor expression is essential for insulin secretion and impaired in type 2 diabetic patients

7 October 2015, 12:00
CPR Seminar room Panum Building 6, 2nd floor

Human pancreatic β cells express two related Maf proteins, MafA och MafB, but under normal conditions MafB expression is low compared to MafA. We have generated Maf mouse models which allow us to study the effects of high and low MafB expression in β cells in regards to type 1 diabetes development. These Maf mutant mice have many MafB expressing β cells, which is not seen in wild type mice.

The group studies will focus on determining the precise role of Maf transcription factors in type 1 diabetes development.

This knowledge will be essential for understanding the mechanisms of viral-induced diabetes susceptibility and assessing the health status of isolated islets used for transplantation in regards to their vulnerability for viral infections.