14 March 2019

Lundbeck Fellowships to DanStem Postdocs


The Lundbeck Foundation awarded three scholarships to promising young scientists from DanStem to pursue their research protects. 

Lundbeck Foundation’s vision is to create better lives through new knowledge, aiming to make a significant contribution to increasing research-based knowledge and experience in the field of biomedical and health sciences in Denmark. 

Rita Soares Monteiro, Postdoc at the Brickman group, Patrick Aldrin Kirk, Postdoc at the Kirkeby group, and Hjalte List Larsen, Postdoc at the Jensen group were awarded postdoctoral fellowships to pursue their scientific projects.

Patrick Aldrin-Kirk
Research project: Elucidating the role of lncRNAs in human neural subtype specification using paired CRISPR knockout libraries and single cell RNAseq

Rita Soares Monteiro
Research project: Cell cycle dynamics and regulation by ERK signalling in mouse embryonic stem cells

Hjalte List Larsen
Research project: Enhancing endogenous tissue regeneration through modulation of Yap/Taz targets 

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