3 April 2018

Lundbeckfonden postdoc fellowship to Molly Lowndes


Molly Lowndes from the Brickman group has received a Lundbeckfonden postdoc fellowship for her project “Investigating how Co regulation of Oct4 and Cell Cycle Factors Supports Embryonic Stem Cell Fitness”

"Our aim in this project is to understand how stem cells cycle rapidly while maintaining their ability to produce all the future cell lineages of the organism", says Molly

"We will specifically investigate how Oct4 and cell cycle factors are co-regulated as a means of supporting self-renewal, differentiation capacity and overall cellular fitness".

To probe deeper into protein abundance and network dynamics during cell fate-decision making processes, Molly will combine proteomics with live-cell imaging. She hopes to provide new insights into how different modes of cell cycle regulation influence decisions to differentiate and how self-renewing cell divisions may be exploited in cancer.

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