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31 March 2017

Scientists on Demand - Order a Scientist

Outreach and Public Engagement

Mette Christine Jørgensen and Svend Bertel Dahl-Jensen are two very busy scientists working at the Danish Stem Cell Center (DanStem). Both share a unique passion for science communication and find the dissemination of stem cell research an important part of their work as scientists.

As scientists Mette and Svend run busy schedule conducting experiments and trying to address multiple questions in the fields of cell and developmental biology, however, at the same time they both enjoy go out of the lab to interact with students, research institutions and other affiliations which invite them over to give talks.

Svend is a PhD student at the Grapin-Botton Lab, with a Master degree in physics. His main interest is the emerging shape of organs with focus on the pancreas, but his main passion is for communication and outreach, with a plan for a career focused on spreading knowledge of the fields he is familiar with. His main aim is to increase public awareness on the many wonders science provides.

Mette works as a Senior Scientist at the Serup lab, aiming to understand the developmental biology of the pancreas and in particular, the signalling events that regulate growth and differentiation of pancreatic cell types with special emphasis on the insulin producing beta cell.

In an article published in the scientific online journal, Mette and Svend are talking about the great potentials of stem cell research, about the long route to clinical trials on patients, and about possible future treatment of T1D, Type one Diabetes, using stem cell treatment.

Svend and Mette will participate in The Research Day on 24th-30th April, 2017, where they can be booked via 'Bestil en Forsker' to give free lectures on their fields of research.

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