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04 July 2017

DanStem Seminar by Ondine Cleaver


Ondine Cleaver, UT Southwestern, Dallas Title: Tu-be, or not Tu-be: building biological tubes

Ondine Cleaver, UT Southwestern, Dallas

Title: Tu-be, or not Tu-be: building biological tubes

13 July 2017, 12:15

CPR Seminar room 6-2-09

Ondine Cleaver's lab studies cell fate and how cells assemble into tissues. Her group is particularly interested in intracellular signaling events that drive cytoskeletal or adhesion changes within progenitor cells, allowing them to assemble into functional tissues. She focuses on blood vessels and on developing organs, such as the pancreas, the kidney, and the lung. She is interested in how cues in the microenvironment drive vascular assembly or growth, and how blood vessels in turn communicate paracrine, non-nutritional signals to stem cell niches.

All are welcome, no registration is needed