Professor Palle Serup from DanStem interviewed by DR1 – University of Copenhagen

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12 January 2016

Professor Palle Serup from DanStem interviewed by DR1


Listen to Palle Serup in a radio interview to DR p1 explaining about the great opportunities of stem cells

On January 6th, 2016, DanStem Professor Serup gave an interview to the Danish radio channel DR1, Videnskabens Verden, (Science World programme).

In the interview Palle Serup talks about how cells communicate with each other as they develop in the embryo and how researchers study this communication with the purpose of recreating it in culture dishes in order to direct stem cells to form adult cell types that are useful for transplantation.

You can listen to broadcast via the following LINK, (The stem cells part is from approx. 19:30 to 41:00 min). 

The Serup's lab aim is to understand the developmental biology of the pancreas. They wish to understand the signalling events that regulate growth and differentiation of pancreatic cell types with special emphasis on the insulin producing beta cell. 
Link to the Serup group