4 January 2019

NNF LIFE Project features Professor Palle Serup talking about stem cells

In the video ‘RED DIG CELL', Stem cell research at The University of Copenhagen filmed by NNF LIFE Project, DanStem Professor Palle Serup explains how stem cell research is conducted. Professor Serup talks and about the potential of future treatments using stem cells for diseases and life threatening illnesses. 

Palle also touches upon the ultimate goal of creating human organs, but outlines major difficulties in terms of complexity and price. Finally, he  discusses the misuse of stem cells for current treatments as well as alternate uses that are being explored.

 LIFE is a project to create a world-class learning laboratory established under the Novo Nordisk Foundation. In the long term, LIFE is expected to become an independent foundation. The vision of LIFE is to create a world-class learning laboratory that can gather key actors in education and contribute decisively to enhancing scientific learning and education in Denmark.

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