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24 February 2015

Post-docs for the Ferretti Group

open scientific positions

The Ferretti group is looking for outstanding, ambitious postdoctoral candidates with a strong background in stem cell/developmental biology to join the group.

The goal of our group is to establish how TFs and signaling pathways interact to define a precise cell fate and thereby develop tools for maximizing lineage differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC).

Specifically, we will use in vivo and in vitro models to establish how transcription factors specify progenitors and determine the competence of responding to signaling pathways. 

A strong background in either gene regulation, or bio-informatics would enhance the relevance of the candidate. Furthermore, experience in mouse genetics, DNA editing, chromatin immunoprecipitation, confocal and live imaging of cells/organs is also considered of particular relevance.

For more information please contact Professor Elisabetta Ferretti (