The Novo Nordisk Foundation donates an additional grant to research at DanStem – University of Copenhagen

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23 November 2015

The Novo Nordisk Foundation donates an additional grant to research at DanStem

additional grant

DanStem receives the donation based on an application for New Strategic Funding of the Novo Nordisk section of Basic Stem Cell Biology.

To promote Copenhagen as an international beacon of research within biomedicine and biotechnology The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded an additional grant of DKK 235 million (€31.4 million) to DanStem to strengthen and expand the center’s activities.

Since 2011 Dan Stem - The Danish Stem Cell Center at the University of Copenhagen has helped provide scientists with the best possible environment to perform cutting-edge basic stem cell research, and translate these promising results into novel therapies for diabetes and cancer.

To build on this success the new grant will allow the center to invest in state-of-the-art technologies related to single cell analysis and bioengineering as well as strengthen existing technology platforms, to take up new research fields, including pancreatic cancer, and to recruit new key personnel.

“This grant will enable us to continue to position the center internationally as a leader in basic and translational stem cell research in the diabetes and cancer areas,” says Professor Henrik Semb, Executive Director of DanStem.

From left: Henrik Semb, Elke Ober, Joshua Brickman, Elisabetta Ferretti, Kristian Helin, Ole William Petersen, Palle Serup and Bo Porse, (Anne Grapin-Botton is missing)