1 July 2021

Pride Month Bake-Sale at DanStem


On June 30, 2021 DanStem has officially concluded the Pride Month with a spectacular bake sale.

Each year in June, LGBTQ+ rights are celebrated over the world. This is especially true for Copenhagen, as we are gearing up to hosting the World Pride in August 2021.  In relation to these events the newly established DanStem Diversity and Inclusion Team has organized a fundraising event to support the LGBT+ Asylum foundation in Denmark.

LGBT Asylum was established to support LGBT+ people – asylum seekers, refugees, Danish citizens and persons residing in Denmark. LGBT Asylum works for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons in the Danish asylum system and for the rights of LGBT+ refugees in Denmark. The organization provides support and counselling for LGBT+ asylum seekers and refugees as well as a social network. LGBT asylum is completely dependent on private donations.

18 cakes were donated by staff members and sold out at Panum and in BRIC raising DKK4000 in total. It will be donated to the LGBT+ Asylum foundation (https://lgbtasylum.dk/).

DanStem is striving to be a research center and workplace, where everyone feels valued, respected and where differences among people are celebrated. We, all DanStem staff members and students, want DanStem to be a safe space where all employees and students can be themselves and thereby can reach their full potential and help us achieve our scientific and organizational goals. As part of the University of Copenhagen, DanStem fully supports the University's efforts on Diversity and Equality.