1 October 2019

Public engagement at its best at the Stem Cell Day 2019

stem cell day 2019

What are stem cells? What is so unique about them? How can stem cell research help in developing new treatments for life-threatening diseases? Can we use stem cells to understand how organs develop and grow?

On September 27, 2019 09:00, DanStem scientists welcomed over 50 high school students coming from three schools: HTX, NEXT Sydkysten, VUC Roskilde and  H.C. Ørstedgymnasiet, Lyngby.

The day started with an introductory lecture about stem cells in health and disease by Professor Palle Serup.

Following this lecture, the students were divided into smaller groups for practical workshops, gaining hands-on experience with various molecular biology and stem cell research techniques. DanStem scientists displayed different model organisms, such as in mouse, zebrafish and chicken embryos. Uniquely to this visit, Sequencing specialist Helen Neil and Bioinformatics specialist Magali Michaut demonstrated and explained the state of the art technologies used in research, such as the next generation of sequencing and bioinformatics.

The Stem Cell Day concluded with an interactive lecture, followed by an open discussion session chaired by Senior scientist Mette Christine Jørgensen and PhD student Teresa Knudsen, in which the students explored the ethical implications and moral boundaries that are associated with stem cell research.

“It all went very well, and I am super proud of our enthusiastic young scientists, that made it all happen”- Mette Jørgensen, DanStem scientific outreach coordinator. 

The day ended with a wrap-up and departure at 14:30

About The Stem Cell Day

The DanStem annual 'Stem Cell Day' is a full-day event providing a fascinating journey into stem cell research. The event is dedicated to high school students and are part of the UniStem Initiative. On this day over 70 Universities and Research Centers all over Europe disseminate and promote scientific knowledge and research by providing clarity on the issue of stem cells.

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The DanStem team:

Professor Palle Serup.

Master students: Kathryn Johanna Peterson, Ioanna Kaklamanou.

PhD fellows: Kata Krizic, Jan-Erik Messling, Niels Alvaro Menezes, Anna Maria Drozd, Teresa Emmilie Toudal Knudsen, Jonas van Cuyl Kuylenstierna, Ronja Linn Sybille Heyne, Iris Anne Unterweger, Elizabeth Mayela Ambrosio Galindo, Heidi Mjoseng.

Postdocs: Michaela Mrugala Rothová, Pedro Goncalo Reis Rifes.

Lab technician: Alexandre Eddy Vanoosthuyse.

Sequencing and bioinformatics specialists: Helen Neil, Magali Michaut.

Scientist and outreach coordinators: Mette Jørgensen, Simone Wenkel.