17 October 2018

Public Engagement at Kulturnatten 2018


17 DanStem scientists covering 13 nationalities were ready to present their research at Culture Night 2018 (Kulturnatten), share their professional insight and interact with more than 5,300 guests who have visited the Mærsk Tower for Culture night on October 12, 2018.

DanStem's scientists interacted with an eager audience and shared complex science in an understandable way with visitors.

The guests could examine zebrafish embryos, using their own smartphones as microscopes. People could see model organisms and learn about developmental biology via a real microscopy station. But our highlight this year was the Stem Cell Mountain, a large Waddington Landscape style mountain, where visitors could roll balls demonstrating differentiation paths. Via this great model, visitors at all ages could learn about stem cells, differentiation, cell types and better understand the potential of stem cells for regenerative medicine or cell therapy.

"It was a pleasure to interact with the Culture Night visitors this year. There was so much interest in the research and work we are doing here at DanStem. The DanStem team had a lot of fun during the preparation and it was a joy to see the valuable interaction our stands created", Simone Wenkel, Outreach Coordinator at DanStem

In their daily work at DanStem the scientists are addressing basic research questions in stem cell and developmental biology, aiming to answer questions and develop new strategies to treat diabetes and cancer.

At Kulturnattwn they showed their research objects and involved the audience in their work. They were eager to share what can be learned from using model organisms and were happy about audience questions.