17 December 2021

reNEW is now part of Copenhagen Bioscience PhD Programme

phd programme

Application to the CPH Bioscience PhD programme 2022 is now open.

The Copenhagen Bioscience PhD programme started in 2016. The four-year PhD programme is a unique new concept for PhD education in Denmark, with students recruited initially to the PhD programme rather than individual labs. The first (pre-doc) year incorporates common courses and short rotation projects to optimize student-supervisor matching and encourage interdisciplinary research ideas. Students select a lab for their longterm project partway through the pre-doc year, and work on their PhD project during years 2-4 (the PhD years). Throughout the four years, the PhD programme supports the building of researcher networks, development and successful execution of PhD project plans, and acquisition of a broad base of knowledge and expertise.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Medicine, reNEW, will build on the Novo Nordisk Foundation-funded stem cell center DanStem, the University of Copenhagen. reNEW is aiming to translate scientific discoveries to stem cell-derived medicine, read more about the new center.

Projects offered by The NNF Center for Stem Cell Medicine, reNEW 

Mariaceleste Aragona  Tissue architecture: addressing stem cell dynamics in epithelia

Joshua Brickman  Integrating signalling with transcription to control stem cell potency and differentiation – transitions in and out of totipotency, pluripotency and lineage restricted self-renewal.

Kim Bak Jensen  Advancing intestinal organoid technology toward regenerative medicine

Melissa Little  Kidney morphogenesis using pluripotent stem cells

Jakub Sedzinski  How to build a tissue? Combining cell biology, biophysics, engineering and systems biology approaches to understand development and regeneration of respiratory epithelium in health and disease

Palle Serup  Control of cell fate in fetal pancreas and organoids by oscillating Notch signalling

Jan Zylicz  Epigenetic and metabolic regulation of early development

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Copenhagen Bioscience PhD Programme - Novo Nordisk Fonden

Supervisors | Copenhagen Bioscience PhD Programme (cphbiosciencephd.org)

The call closes January 17, 2022 at 14:00 CET. Interviews will take place 2-4 March, 2022. We expect the interview visit to take place physically, although candidates unable to come to Copenhagen (e.g. due to coronavirus restrictions) may interview online.