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The DanStem Seminar Series 2017

The DanStem Seminar Series focus on topics within stem cell and developmental biology. It features Internationally renowned scientists and is organized and coordinated by DanStem's Principal Investigator Professor Anne Grapin-Botton, DanStem

Most seminars take place on Wednesdays, starting at 12:15 

Venue: The Panum Institute, Building 6, 2nd floor, The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, Seminar room, (Map of Panum), or the Mærsk Tower. Please check the venue for each seminar. 

Seminar Programme: 

(updated on a regular basis)

January 11, 2017, Pierre Leopold, institut de Biologie Valrose, Nice, France
Title: Growth coordination during development

January 18, 2017, Eva Hoffmann, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, KU
Title: DNA repair capacity and developmental fate of human oocytes and preimplantation embryos

February 1, 2017, Andras Simon, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) Karolinska Institutet 
Title: Salamander regeneration: regulation and evolution

February 22, 2017, Eugenia Piddini, The Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge
Title: Mechanisms and function of cell competition in health and disease

March 1, 2017, Daniel St. Johnston, The Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge
Title: Multiple modes of epithelial polarity 

March 8, 2017, Hans Schöler, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine
Title: Induction of Multi- and Pluripotent Stem Cells

March 15, 2017, Laure Bally-Cuif, Institut Pasteur
Title: Adult neural stem cell maintenance and recruitment in the zebrafish telencephalon
Place: DAM auditorium, Mærsk Tower

External Seminar
March 17, 2017, John Gurdon Nobel Laureate Lecture,
The Gurdon institute university of Cambridge, UK
16:00- 18:30 (registration is needed)
Jerne Auditorium Mærsk tower
Title: Nuclear Reprograming and Prospects for Cell Replacement in Humans 

March 29, 2017, Shahragim Tajbakhsh, Institut Pasteur
Title: Reconciling heterogeneities in skeletal muscle stem cell populations
Place: Holst auditorium, Mærsk Tower 

April 19, 2017, Allison Bardin, Curie Institute, Paris
Title: Understanding adult stem cells: from lineage decisions to genome instability
Place: Nielsine Nielsen auditorium, Mærsk Tower

May 3, 2017, Sir Richard Treisman, Crick Institute, London
Title: Probing the transcriptional consequences of Ras and Rho activation.
Place: Nielsine Nielsen auditorium, Mærsk Tower

May 31, 2017, Robb Krumlauf, Stowers Institute for Medical Research 
Title: Hox genes and regulating the balance between pluripotency and differentiation.
Place: Holst auditorium, Mærsk Tower

June 7, 2017, Wieland B. Huttner, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
Title: Human-specific genes, neural stem cell amplification and neocortex expansion in development and human evolution

July 13, 2017, Ondine Cleaver, UT Southwestern, Dallas
Title: Tu-be, or not Tu-be: building biological tubes

August 10, 2017, Scott E. FraserUniversity of Southern California
Title: Eavesdropping on the molecular signatures of embryonic development

August 23, 2017, Tune Pers, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research.
Title: Prioritizing brain cell types for obesity using human genetics and single-cell transcriptomics.

September 13, 2017, Morten Nørholm, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability DTU.
Title: Transcriptional mutagenesis and an evolutionary toggle switch in ageing cells

October 11, 2017, David Strutt, The University osf Sheffield
Title: Self-organising planar polarity in a simple epithelium

October 18, 2017, Frederik Lannert, Karolinska Institute
Title: Exploringpluripotency and early human development

October 20, 2017, Anil Bhushan, Diabetes Center, San Francisco, CA
Title: A new paradigm for Type 1 diabetes

November 13, 2017, Hitoshi Niwa, Kumamoto University, Japan
Title: The role of Klf family members to maintain self-renewal of mouse ES cells

Bric/DanStem seminar: December 7, 2017, Eileen Furlong, EMBL Heidelberg
Title: Transcriptional regulation:  Generating robustness and precision in developmental programs
Place: Copenhagen Biocenter, Lundbeck Auditorium

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