13 April 2015

The Stem Cell Day 2015

Outreach and Public Engagement

On Friday, April 10th, 2015, a group of 16 scientists from The Danish Stem Cell Center, DanStem, together with a science communication specialist from the University of Edinburgh, have interacted with over 160 Danish high school students at Christianshavn Gymnasium in a full day of outreach activities.

What are stem cells? What can they do? Where and how they are produced? How could they be used in the future?

The Stem Cell Day opened at 08:30 with an introduction to stem cells, followed by personal stories told by a few researchers from DanStem. They spoke about the path that brought them to explore stem cells and choose science as a career.

After learning some basic facts about stem cells, the students were divided into four groups and went through two sessions.  One was experimental, where the students could view different kinds of stem cells brought from DanStem (e.g. embryonic, chicken, zebrafish and mice cells), and in the other the students played a stem cell game, did some quizzes and learnt about differentiation of stem cells, where they are located in the body, and more.

At 14:30, with a better knowledge about stem cells and a wider understanding of their potential in current and future medicine, the day ended in a full assembly discussion about stem cell research and ethics. 

Special credits to Cathy Southworth from the Eurostemcell initiative 

(Holding a stem cell day was an initiative started in Italy by the Unistem project, and is now implemented in many countries all over Europe. The list of universities participating in the 'Stem Cell Day' initiative)


The Stem Cell Day Team: (from left) Mette, Michaela, Svend, Simone, Cathy, Maya, Pia, Pedro, Katie, Anushka, Karen, Abbi, Jonas, Woranop, Xiaogang, (Associate professor Elisabetta Ferretti and Ilcim are missing)