22 November 2019

The key to healthy organs – inspiration day for high school science teachers

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A joint effort of BRIC and DanStem: an introduction to stem cell research to 25 high school science teachers, November 15, 2019

By Emil Petersen for Bric communication 

On 15th of November, 25 high school science teachers spent the day at BRIC gathering inspiration on stem cell teaching.

The inspiration day included both a general introduction to stem cell research by Agnete Kirkeby (Danstem) and 3 short workshops. First, researchers from Jensen lab, led by Marianne Tendrup Pedersen illustrated how intestines can be used as a model to understand the importance of stem cells for an organ to function properly. The participants looked at intestinal pieces under a microscope, investigated what happens if the intestinal structure is destroyed, isolated intestinal cells and put them into culture. Finally, through a short film, the participants were shown how stem cells can be grown and used as living patches in the gut.

In another workshop led by Jakub Sedzinski (DanStem) together with lab members from DanStem, the participants were given a brief introduction to how and why, Xenopus laevis is a suitable animal model for studying chronic respiratory disorders. The participants were given the chance to manage Xenopus frogs, handle and manipulating embryos with micro-injections and to use stereomicroscopy for scoring phenotypes, analyzing data, etc. 

Finally Group Leader Agnete Kirkeby from DanStem led a workshop on ethics where the participants discussed ethical dilemmas concerning stem cell research and the use of stem cell treatments.

BRIC/DanStem: Marianne Terndrup Pedersen, Jordi Guiu, Ditte Lynge Clement, Maria Antfolk, Astrid Møller Baattrup, Teresa Maria Eichenlaub, Stine Lind Hansen, Hjalte List Larsen, Grzegorz Jerzy Maciag, Sviatlana Ulyanchanka, Kata Krizic

Anne Rahbek-Damm (coordinator)

DanStem: Agnete Kirkeby, Jakub Sedzinski, Guilherme Bastos Ventura, Raghavan Thiagarajan, William Hamilton, Paul Riccio, Dror Sever, Julie Lee

Mette Christine Jørgensen (coordinator)​