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17 March 2015

Learning about Stem Cells at Prins Henrik High School

Outreach and Public Engagement

Professor Anne Grapin-Botton introduced development, with a direct hands-on experience to high school students at Prins Henrik Gymnasium

On February 2nd 2015, a class of 14-year-old students at the Prince Henrik high school in Frederiksberg, had a direct hands-on experience of research in the field of stem cells and development.

The initiative, led by their biology professor V. Lahache, enabled the students to observe how chick embryos develop. DanStem/University of Copenhagen professor Anne Grapin-Botton introduced the concept of model organism, and commented a movie recapitulating the stages of development from the initial stem cell.

Each student could carefully open his egg and observe the formation of blood vessels, beating heart, limb buds, eyes, depending on the stage of incubation. 

After limited egg accidents, many fascinated young people faces and excellent cell phone magnifications, they could share their observations.

This experience illustrated the theme on "Sexual reproduction and diversity" they had in their curriculum.