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24 June 2014

Science in the City: Stem Cell Research for Everyone

Link to a blog post on the Eurostemcell website could be found here:

A total of 4000 Science in the City visitors of all ages came by the Stem Cell Exhibition during the six  festival days. 

The interest from young and old was large and the stem cell exhibition had a constant flow of visitors who wanted to know more about stem cell research.

On the picture below a family is looking at a transgenic zebrafish where fluorescent proteins make the liver and the pancreas light up in red and green, respectively.   DanStem Professor Anne Grapin-Botton and her PhD student Evan Manuel Figueiredo-Larsen explain what is seen in the microscope.

leica microscope anne family

The exhibition was open from June 21 to June 26, 2014. A total of 4000 people came by during the six festival days.

Venue: The Castle/slottet in the Carlsberg City District, Copenhagen.

The exhibition has been made in collaboration with the European Funded (FP7) Stem Cell outreach project, EuroStemCell. The Fluorescent Stereo Microscope that is part of the exhibition is courtesy of Leica Microsystems.