23 January 2018

Students from Horsens Gymnasium visit DanStem


On January 23, 2018, a group of 20 high school students from Horsens Gymnasium (east Jutland) visited DanStem, followed by two teachers and a lot of enthusiasm.

A group of 20 enthusiastic and curious 3G (last school of high school) students made all the way from east Jutland to Copenhagen, to learn about stem cells and interact with 'real' scientists. 

The tour started with short welcome and introduction by Senior Scientist Mette C. Jørgensen and presentations by young stem cells scientists who explained their projects. PhD student Coline Gentil explained about fighting blood cancer at its 'stem'. PhD student Mikkel Morsing  talked about his career path from linguistics to tissue and stem cell biology, and postdoc Luca Mariani introduced how to instruct stem cells to repair a broken body.

Next session was an interactive tour at different stations, where the students could see diverse model organisms, such as the Frogs, Stem Cell Culture, Human Cells and Zebrafish. Here the students could 'feel and touch', using advanced cell culture facilities.

"The scientists were really nice and they were very good in explaining things. I liked that we were able to touch things ourselves, said one of the students. 

"We are very happy that DanStem provided an exciting programme for the students and are sure we can bring a lot of experiences home with us. I am also sure it will inspire some of the students in their future choice of studies at the university", said Lars Moeslund, the group teacher. 

DanStem team: PhD student Coline Gentil, PhD student Mikkel Morsing, MSc student Veronica Castiglioni, Postdoc Luca Mariani, PhD student Xiaogang Guo, Associate Professor Jakub Sedzinski, PhD student Nadine Goldhammer, PhD student Iris Unterweger, Lab technician Alexandre Vanoosthuyse, Senior scientist Mette Jørgensen, Research Coordinator Simone Wenkel