10 April 2019

Students from the University of Liège visited DanStem


On March 26th, 2019 a group of 22 Master students together with 2 instructors from University of Liège visited DanStem to explore how biomedical scientists are working in other countries.

DanStem’s outreach team is familiar and experienced with guiding wide range of visitors. This time we had a visit of Masters students from the University of Liège, Belgium. To make the tour friendly and approachable, it was decided to hold it in French, where DanStem's French speaking scientists were engaged.


The tour started with a short introduction to DanStem and to the research conducted at the Center by Senior Scientist Mette Jørgensen . Following this intro, Lydie Flasse and Siham Yennek, two postdoctoral researchers from the Grapin Botton group, shared their scientific experience witch brought them to DanStem. The last part  of the visit was dedicated to a tour where the aim was to show some hands-on activities, Divided into two teams led by Lydie and Siham, the students visited: 

  • The animal dissection room, where Alex Vanoosthuyse , Lab technician from the Ober group) sorted fish embryos and explained about the fish as a model organism.
  • The sequencing facility where Helen Neil, Sequencing Specialist, showed the sequencing facility and talked about her career path.

The tour ended up with thanks and farewell.

DanStem French speaking team: Postdoc Lydie Flassé, Postdoc Siham Yennek, Sequencing Specialist Helen Neil, Lab technician Alexandre Eddy Vanoosthuyse, Senior Scientist Mette Jørgensen, Research Coordinator Simone Wenkel.

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