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25 June 2012

It Started with a Splash

On a very wet Sunday evening, Stem Cell Niche Conference participants from all over the world arrived to the Favrholm Campus just North of Copenhagen.



Inside, an informal and relaxed atmosphere prevailed where scientist interacted across disciplines, groups, generations - and, as the evening progressed, across the European Football Championship quarter-final.

relaxing soccer

The Stem Cell Niche Conference is the first in a series of high profile conferences initiated by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The conference focus on the local environment where stem cells reside - aka the stem cell niche - and the niche's role in instructing the stem cells to either self renew or differentiate.

The niche is important both during embryonic development, tissue homeostasis (re-generation) and during pathological conditions, such as in cancer, and therefore there is a great interest in the stem cell field to further characterize this niche as well as to understand how it controls stem cell behavior.