24 May 2019

Talks på Toppen: The enigmatic universe of stem cells

public engagement

Associate Professor Agnete Kirkeby in 'Talks på Toppen' had inspired the audience when talking about stem cell research and how it could be used one day to treat diseases.

On May 23rd 2019, 19:00 Talks på Toppen has hosted Associate Professor Agnete Kirkeby for a spectacular evening on the top floor of the Maersk Tower. Associate Professor and group leader Agnete Kirkeby from DanStem gave an exemplary talk about stem cells and their potential in treating diseases such as: parkinson’s disease and diabetes.

Several guests among the audience (age 12-80 years old) expressed their excitement about the theme and the presenter. They felt that they have gained valuable knowledge, and an insight into the novel field of research. Most visitors expressed their content of how tax money is spent, supporting health science research.

The event was sold out – with 50 sign-ups on the waiting list. Visitors were standing at the door in case of available seats due to last minute cancellation.

'Talks på Toppen' is an initiative arranged by the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen.