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DanStem Newsletter October 2014

DanStem Newsletter, October 2014

The Danish Stem Cell Center of excellence, DanStem, was established as an initiative of The Novo Nordisk Foundation

DKK 60 million to a new collaboration between DanStem and the Niels Bohr Institute

The Danish National Research Foundation, Grundforskningsfonden, is allocating DKK 400 million for 12 new Centers of Excellence that will set an international standard for innovative research.

In collaboration with the Niels Bohr Institute, DanStem Professors Anne Grapin BottonElke Ober and Joshua Brickman will establish the Stem Cell Decision Making Center (StemPhys). 

StemPhys will be an interdisciplinary center focusing on combining physical approaches with stem cell biology.

The long term goal is to be able to manipulate the identify of cells through precise understanding of their behaviour. This would include the generation of functional cell types for the treatment of disease and the capacity to reprogramme adult cells back to a stem cell-like stage to be used for personalized cell-based therapies.

Link to the official press release: http://dg.dk/en/ 

 National Collaborative projects

The Danish Stem Cell Center (DanStem) at the University of Copenhagen invited researchers at Danish Universities and research institutions to apply for collaborative projects. The projects are supported and funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation Section for Basic Stem Biology. Five projects have been submitted and will be subject to international peer review. The collaborative grants are up to three million DKK for three years. The projects are planned to start on January 1, 2015.

Newly established research groups

The two junior professors who have joined DanStem recently, Elissbetta Ferretti and Elke Ober, are now in the process of establishing their own research groups. Each of them has recruited a Pre-Doctoral student and they expect their research groups to expand and develop consequently.

The Grapin-Botton lab collaboration with Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

In close collaboration with researchers in Lausanne, DanStem researchers led by Prof. Grapin-Botton have published a video protocol on how to grow mini-pancreas from mouse embryonic progenitor/stem cells in the laboratory. The protocol was published in the scientific, peer-reviewed Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE)on July 19, 2014. Find out more: https://danstem.ku.dk/news/video-protocol/.

The Grapin-Botton laboratory has developed methods for growing mini-pancreas from a few mouse embryonic progenitor/stem cells under 3D conditions in the laboratory. The review discusses the 3D methods developed by them and other groups to grow embryonic or adult pancreatic progenitors from stem cells in 3D, how these techniques were used to address new questions and the promises these models hold. Read the full publication: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/stem.1828/pdf

PhD course on pluripotency, stem cells and embryos

A PhD course on pluripotency, stem cells and embryos is organized by DanStem Professor Joshua Brickman. The course will cover the basic biology of embryo- (mES, hES) and adult- (iPS) derived stem cells and their potency. Top stem cell and system biology researchers have confirmed their participation. The course will take place on November 17-21, 2014. The course is organized in collaboration with the PhD school at the University of Copenhagen, and with MoMed, The Danish Research Programme on Molecular Mechanisms of Disease. The course description can be found at: https://danstem.ku.dk/students/phd-course/. 

Disseminating Science

We see great importance in hosting and attending seminars and conferences.

DanStem participation in ESOF2014, Science in the City Festival 

ESOF2014, The Science in the City Festival, took place at Carlsberg city, Copenhagen, June 21-26, 2014. DanStem senior and junior scientists have presented stem cell highlights, for example watching Zebrafish cells via a smart phone which functioned as a microscope. The exhibition on stem cells was made in collaboration with EuroStemCell and was part of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences exhibition "A journey Into the Body". For more information, see: https://danstem.ku.dk/news/stemcells_everyone/.

Profile article and a video: The creative scientist

A profile article and a video about DanStem professor Anne Grapin-Botton have been produced and published by the University of Copenhagen. This article and video about Anne were made by the international staff mobility department for ESOF 2014, Science in the city festival. 

Link to the article: https://danstem.ku.dk/news/creative_scientist/.
Link to the video: https://danstem.ku.dk/news/video/

Executive editor of Development visited DanStem
On October 6, 2014, Kathryn Brown, the exectutive editor of the Development scientific magazin has visited DanStem to meet with the center scientists, and to give a talk on the topic: "Behind the scenes of scientific publishing". You may find more information about this talk here: https://danstem.ku.dk/news/katherine-brown/

Follow our seminar series 2015
Danstem seminars are open and free to students and staff of the faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. The seminars focus on topics within stem cells and developmental biology. The seminars plan for 2015 will be published soon on: https://danstem.ku.dk/news/seminars/ 

Find out more about DanStem: https://danstem.ku.dk/

Scientific publications: https://danstem.ku.dk/research1/publications/  

Dissemination activities: https://danstem.ku.dk/news/dissemination/

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