Strategic Research Support

The DanStem Strategic Research Support team works closely with the Center’s management and all scientists and staff. Research support encompasses strategic management support, research funding, internal and external communication, training and education, public engagement, and technology infrastructure. Linking the Center to  faculty units as well as to the central university and other research Centers, the research Support Team ensures effective and efficient operation.

Team Members 

Gretchen Repasky, Chief Operating Officer (COO), 
Responsible for:  Strategic Management Career Development
Research platforms

Simone Wenkel, Senior Adviser
Responsible for: 
Research Coordination
Information management and reporting
Public Engagement 

Naomi Dayan, Senior Adviser
Responsible for: 
Students support  

Anna KhodosevichSenior Adviser
Responsible for: 
Postdoc support

Mette Christine Jørgensen, Senior Scientist, (Serup Group)
Responsible for: 
Scientific Public Engagement 

Elizabeth Alice Remfry
Student helper 

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