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Naomi Geshi

Naomi Geshi

Laboratory manager

Research: Plant cell walls are composed of various biopolymers (polysaccharides). These biopolymers are not only important in plant growth and development, but as a renewable resource in industrial use, e.g., as bioethanol, food additives, etc. We are interested in understanding the biosynthesis of these biopolymers, its regulation, and the structure/function relationship of certain biopolymers. We are currently focused on: • Gene discovery in plant cell wall polysaccharide biosynthesis • Gene discovery in polysaccharide modifying enzymes • Characterization of transporters • Structural analysis on functional polysaccharides Academic degrees/education: 1998 Ph.D. from Copenhagen University, Denmark 1994 M.Sc. from Nagoya University, Japan Positions: 2008 Associate Professor, Copenhagen University Projects: 2008- EU FP7: RENEWALL 2009- Danish Research Council for Technology and Production (FTP), "BioGum: Designer plant gums for future demands" 2010- Strategic Research in Health, Food and Welfare, "Glycobiology in yeast: production of bio-active biopolymers and small molecules"

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