Brickman Group: Transcription, Potency and Patterning

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Name Title Phone E-mail
Bone, Robert Alexander Assistant Professor   E-mail
Brickman, Joshua Mark Professor   E-mail
Enevoldsen, Sara Master Student   E-mail
Knudsen, Teresa Emmilie Toudal Research Assistant   E-mail
Linneberg-Agerholm, Madeleine PhD Fellow   E-mail
Lowndes, Molly Pleasants Assistant Professor   E-mail
Morganti, Elena Research Assistant   E-mail
Nicolaisen, Maria Lykkegaard Bachelor student   E-mail
Perera Pérez, Marta PhD Student   E-mail
Redo Riveiro, Alba Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Romero, Jose Alejandro Herrera External +4535336234 E-mail
Rothová, Michaela Mrugala Assistant Professor   E-mail
Schuh, Christina Maria PhD Fellow +4535332661 E-mail
Sell, Annika Charlotte PhD Fellow   E-mail
Soares Monteiro, Ana Rita Postdoc +4550229130 E-mail
West, Ann-Katrine Vransø Postdoc +4593509177 E-mail
Wong, Yan Fung Assistant Professor   E-mail