Research Platforms and Facilities

Technology is an essential part of DanStem research; therefore, carefully selected technology platforms with state-of-the-art equipment, expert staff, and tailored services have been developed at DanStem.  Shared resource laboratories currently provide four research platforms in flow cytometry, imaging, genomics, and stem cell culture that support ongoing research and development of new research areas.

 For more information see the Research Platforms webpage 


Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Bulkescher, Jutta Maria Microscopy specialist Microscopy Specialist   E-mail
Dreier, Jes Image Analysis Specialist Image Analysis Specialist   E-mail
Geshi, Naomi Laboratory manager Laboratory Manager +45 20 56 00 63 E-mail
Meligkova, Angeliki Senior adviser Cell Culture Specialist   E-mail
Michaut, Magali Research consultant Bioinformatics Specialist   E-mail
Neil, Helen Research consultant Sequencing Specialist +45 20 67 15 28 E-mail
Reith, William Dalseg Attendant   E-mail
Shivers, Steven Bjørn Lacy Attendant Laboratory Attendant   E-mail
Vaxevani, Nikoletta Attendant   E-mail
dela Cruz, Gelo Flow Cytometry Manager Flow Cytometry Specialist and Manager +45 21 55 36 75 E-mail
van Dieken, Paul Technician Technical Assistant +45 353-30548 E-mail