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Research Platforms and Facilities

Technology is an essential part of DanStem research; therefore, carefully selected technology platforms in shared resource laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment and expert staff have been developed at DanStem.  

Flow Cytometry Platform

The Flow Cytometry Platform, a joint effort with the NNF Center for Protein Research (CPR), provides expert guidance and service in cell sorting and analysis to DanStem, CPR, and other researchers in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, enabling DanStem scientists to isolate and quantify specific stem cell populations. The Platform houses a 5-laser LSR Fortessa analyzer, a 6-laser BD FACS Aria III sorter and two Sony SH800 cell sorters.  Platform personnel provide expert guidance in experimental design and troubleshooting as well as training.

More information: Flow Cytometry Platform webpage

Imaging Platform

The Imaging Platform provides state-of-the-art light microscopy equipment, project consulting, assay design, image analysis, training and assistance as required for research scientists to visualize and measure fluorescently-labeled structures in cells and tissues. Support in a wide range of light microscopy applications, such as widefield and confocal microscopy and high throughput and high content screening is offered, and quantitative image data analysis is an integral part of the imaging pipeline. The platform expanded recently with the acquisition of a two-photon microscope enabling deeper imaging and cell ablations as well as a DeltaVision microscope for long-term imaging.  To facilitate successful application of commercially available and free analysis tools, the platform organizes regular group/individual training sessions. The platform also helps users to develop novel image analysis tools. DanStem and CPR share expertise of microscopy and image data analysis specialists for excellent platform support.

More information: lmaging Platform webpage

Genomics Platform

The Genomics Platform, an initiative co-funded by DanStem and CPR, was set up during 2017 to provide high-throughput sequencing services with personalized support, covering applications from classical genomics to single-cell transcriptomics. Instrumentation available includes a Next-Seq 500 sequencing instrument (Illumina), a Fragment Analyzer parallel capillary electrophoresis instrument used for quality control and quantification (Advanced Analytical), a Bravo automated liquid handling robot (Agilent) used for single-cell experiments. Through a dedicated specialist, the platform offers project planning, practical training on library preparation, a dedicated clean workbench, pre-processing of data, and mapping to the reference genome and support for downstream analyses.

More information: Genomics Platform webpage

Stem Cell Culture Platform  

DanStem offers state-of-the-art stem cell culture laboratories, encompassing a total area of >330 m2 dedicated for embryonic stem cell (ESC) manipulations and managed by a cell culture specialist. The ESC shared resource laboratory is located on two floors, separated from the other areas by an integrated airlock, and consists of nine GMO1 cell culture labs and one GMO2 cell culture lab.  The platform is in close proximity to the flow cytometry and imaging platforms and offers cutting-edge technologies for reprogramming of somatic cells and for growth, differentiation and genetic engineering of pluripotent stem cells.

More information: Stem Cell Culture webpage

Wet Lab Infrastructure

In addition to the research platforms, DanStem infrastructure includes wet labs for GMO1 molecular biological work and an animal dissection lab for working with gene modified rodents and aquatic animals as well as GMO1 microorganisms. 

More information: contact Laboratory Manager Naomi Geshi

Core Facility for Transgenic Mice (Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen)

With mouse models at the heart of stem cell research, DanStem hosts the Core Facility for Transgenic Mice at the Faculty, and was instrumental in recruiting staff with expertise in state-of-the-art transgenesis and embryo transplantation technologies. The facility has developed the extraordinary capacity to generate mice entirely from one single stem cell.

Read more about the services the TCF offers at:

Manager of Research Platforms and Facilities, COO, Gretchen Repasky