Flow Cytometry Platform

The Flow Cytometry Platform is a shared resource laboratory operated jointly by the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Biology (DanStem) and the NNF Center for Protein Research (CPR). The facility has state-of-the-art equipment and software for cell sorting and analysis, and provides training, support and expertise to researchers at DanStem, CPR, and their affiliates and collaborators in the greater Copenhagen area.

The platform is equipped with three cell sorters and one analyzer. Two of the cell sorters and the analyzer are self-use machines available to trained users.  Additionally, the facility provides data acquisition and analysis support with BD FACSDiva, Sony SH800 Sorter Software, ModFit LT, FCS Express and FlowJo. See equipment page.

Several times a year, the platform offers a seminar on the basics of flow cytometry as well as equipment-specific training. The platform also regularly hosts seminars on new and related flow cytometry technology, software and reagents. In addition, the personnel provide support on experimental design, troubleshooting and data analysis.

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