Imaging Platform

DanStem provides state-of-the-art light microscopy equipment, training and assistance as needed by our researchers to visualize and measure fluorescently labeled structures in cells and tissues.

The platform houses equipment for widefield and confocal microscopy for transmitted light and fluorescence imaging, high throughput screening, as well as Multiphoton, live cell and FRAP imaging applications.

In addition to the microscopy equipment, we also provide access to software and expertise in image and data analysis.

For other specialized equipment and refer to them for electron microscopy, we coordinate with the Core Faculty for Integrated Microscopy (CFIM), at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. .

The platform shares staff and organization of user meetings with the NNF Center for Protein Research (CPR), enabling and fostering interaction of microscopy users within the NNF Center Cluster.

E14.5 mouse pancreas labeled 2-cell clones (green) from single mother cells. Blue and magenta show different fates of cells.

We offer

Assisting scientists with advice and training throughout an imaging project:

  • Sample preparation 
  • Image acquisition 
  • Image analysis
  • Data analysis and visualization 
  • Data storage and backup 

Ongoing support:

  • Support for microscopy/sample preparation/experiment design
  • Teaching of basic and advanced methods in light microscopy
  • Training microscope operation
  • Technical problem solving
  • Maintenance and performance tests of microscopes
  • Coordinate of microscope service and repair
  • Instruction on Image acquisition using diverse microscopes

Publications acknowledging the platform:

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