How to get started

Contact Microscopy Specialist Jutta Bulkescher for a microscope introduction and to discuss sample preparation details. 

Microscope introduction

The microscope introduction consists of two sessions:  1)  introduction to the microscope with a stock slide and 2)  follow up with your own slide preparation. In the second session you are expected to follow your notes and operate the microscope yourself under the supervision of the microscopy specialist. Once confident in operating the microscope, you can request access to the PPMS booking calendar to book the microscope. 
If, at some point, you cannot remember how to operate a system you were already introduced to, please do not hesitate to ask for advice.

Booking of microscopes

Booking:  Booking of the microscope before use is obligatory. You are responsible for the system during your booking.  See the booking rules for specific microscopes below.  If you have not used one of our systems for more than 6 months, you can no longer book the system and you will need a follow up training session. Contact Jutta Bulkescher.

Cancellations:  Be sure to cancel your booking if you no longer need it, and inform your colleagues about the available slot. If you cancel the last booking on the day, ensure that the system is switched off (the previous user might finish before you cancel your booking).

Booking rules for the Leica SP8 and Zeiss LSM 780 confocals:

Booking is permitted a maximum of two weeks in advance for fixed cell imaging and live cell imaging. Tuesday and Wednesday are assigned for fixed cell imaging. Each person can book 4hr -slots for fixed cell imaging, every other week. Please book your session either in the morning (e.g. 8:00-12:00) or in the afternoon (e.g.12:00-16:00) and NOT 10:00-14:00. Thursdays -Mondays are reserved for live cell imaging. Microscopes can be booked for fixed cell imaging Thursday-Monday one week in advance, if not booked for live cell imaging.  A person can book 48 hr-slots every other week or 72 hr slots every third week.

Booking rules for the Deltavision screening microscope:

Booking is permitted up to one month in advance. For time lapse experiments you are allowed to book three days every other week (e.g. three days in week #1 and  three days in week #3). A person can book 48 hr-slots every other week or 72 hour slots every third week!

Image Acquisition

Before you start, see the specific operation guidelines for before, during, and after working (for employees)  

Saving data:  We strongly recommend that you save your data directly in your group's server/folder. If you save data locally, store it in a folder with the name ‘user_phone number’. Be aware that there is no backup of the local hard disk drives. In the case of a local memory shortage, data files will be deleted without asking for permission. Be aware that every three months the local data drives will be deleted automatically without warning.

After you have finished:  Clean immersion media from every lens you used with a dry lens tissue. Check whether the system is booked later on the same day. If you are the last user of the day, switch off all lamps and lasers as described in the operations short-manual for each system (pinned on the wall above each system).

If something is wrong, comment on the performance of the system by writing an email to Jutta Bulkescher.

Image Analysis

After having acquired a few images you can contact us about image analysis support to help you find out if the information in your images is sufficient to be analyzed.