Image Analysis

At the DanStem Imaging Platform we understand that no microscopy project is finished until the images are transformed into data to support the discussion of your hypothesis. This is why we support scientists in every part of their imaging project, including the image analysis.

Specifically, we offer support in:

  • Project planning: Help in setting up an image analysis workflow and determining what data are required to perform the analyses
  • Early validation: Setting up an early validation procedure to ensure successful data analysis
  • Visualization: Including both accurate quantitative views and movies showcasing the data
  • Feature extraction: Extracting the correct data from your images with sufficient accuracy
  • Data analysis: Converting the data into a meaningful model which can be a foundation for the discussion of your hypothesis.

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We offer a large selection of market-leading image analysis software, including:

  • Individual training, specifically tailored to the project, with help to find the best settings for analyses
  • Self-paced tutorials
  • Courses in the most commonly used software

We develop specific image analysis tools targeted at your project, including:

  • Setting up automated image analysis
  • Developing and implementing new algorithms and software