Genomics Platform

The Genomics Platform at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Biology (DanStem) is a shared resource laboratory offering next generation sequencing (NGS), also called high-throughput sequencing, a DNA sequencing technology that has revolutionized genomic research.

As a shared resource laboratory co-funded by DanStem and the NNF Center for Protein Research (CPR), we provide high-throughput tailored sequencing service to all DanStem and CPR groups, with personalized support beginning from project planning through to downstream analyses.

We offer:

  • Project planning with assistance defining a sequencing plan
  • Individual practical training on library preparation
  • Dedicated sequencing laboratory with a clean workbench and all necessary equipment
  • Data pre-processing and mapping to a reference genome
  • Support for downstream analyses

Our main genomics applications include:

RNA Sequencing

  • mRNA-seq: Transcriptome analysis of coding messenger RNA, purification of Poly(A)+ RNA
  • Total RNA-seq: Whole-transcriptome analysis of coding plus noncoding RNA, depletion of ribosomal RNA with species-specific probes

Single Cell RNA Sequencing

  • MARS-seq (Massively Parallel Single Cell RNA-seq): Developed in Ido Amit’s group (Weizmann Institute, Israel), this method is based on sorting of single cells into 384-well plates and subsequent processing primarily on pooled and barcoded material

DNA sequencing

  • ChIP-seq (Chromatin Immuno-Precipitation with sequencing): genome-wide identification of DNA binding sites for transcription factors, histones and other proteins
  • ATAC-seq (Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin using sequencing): genome-wide characterization of chromatin accessibility
  • Exome-seq: Sequencing of protein-coding regions after enrichment of exons with specific probes