Stem Cell Culture Platform

The Stem Cell Culture Platform hosts the stem cell culture activities of DanStem groups, the spin out company Pancryos and the Core Facility for Transgenic Mice of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

The platform is located on two floors and houses nine GMO1 (including one for quarantine purposes) and one GMO2 cell culture laboratories. A standard stem cell culture laboratory consists of three class II biological safety cabinets, four CO2 incubators (with or without O2 control), cryostorage space and a fluorescence microscope. There are also rooms dedicated to autoclaving, storage of consumables, and media and reagent preparation. Cryobanks for cell storage are also located in the facilities of both floors. The stem cell culture laboratories are self-contained and in close proximity to the Flow Cytometry and Imaging Platforms. The approximate maximum capacity is 70-75 users.

The platform provides equipment and the following services:

  • Use of GMO1 and GMO2 stem cell culture facility (booking required)
  • Use of GMO1 quarantine stem cell culture laboratory prior to mycoplasma testing (booking required)
  • Introduction to GLP, GMO1 and GMO2 guidelines, basic cell culture training and troubleshooting
  • Logistics of common consumables and equipment
  • Maintenance of equipment and infrastructure
  • Mycoplasma detection in cell culture media
  • Common reagent and aliquot preparation and testing
  • Support for routine activities (batch testing, karyotyping)
  • Autoclaving
  • Waste collection and handling

For more information and instructions on how to get started in the GMO1 or GMO2 stem cell culture laboratories, please schedule an introductory meeting with the Cell Culture Specialist .