Our Activities

Activities organized by DanStem

The Stem Cell Day

This full-day event is a long and fascinating journey into stem cell research. This event is dedicated to high school students and is part of the UniStem Initiative. On this day over 70 Universities and Research Centers all over Europe disseminate and promote scientific knowledge and research by providing clarity on the issue of stem cells. Read more about:

The events are funded by Lundbeckfonden. 

Group visits to DanStem – DanStem visits schools

We often receive requests from national and international groups and individuals who are interested in visiting us to learn more about the science taking place in our labs. We do our best to accommodate these requests. If you are interested in visiting, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. We can accommodate about 2-3 visits per year alongside our ongoing engagement activities.

Patient visits -'Coffee Meetings with Scientists'

DanStem is happy to host patients and patient organizations who are interested to learn more about the current state and future developments in stem cell treatment e.g. for Type1 Diabetes. Our scientists can answer your questions and take you through our labs, where you can learn more about the experiments they conduct.

Invited Seminars and talks to diverse audiences

Our scientists regularly get invited to join panel discussions about current topics (e.g. cloning) or events organized by local bars, or events by interest groups (e.g. a biohacker community or professional organizations)

Public engagement in social media and the internet

The Center and its scientist are involved in public dialogue on several social media outlets. They inform, engage and participate e.g. in social media campaigns like the ‘Stem cell awareness day’ and the twitter campaign #Astemcellscientistbecause.

Contribution to faculty and university level activities

Culture Night Copenhagen – Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences The annual Culture Night (Kulturnatten) in Copenhagen offers adults and families hundreds of cultural events all over the city. DanStem participates in one of them, the science and event fair organized by the Faculty at the Mærsk Tower.

Inspiration Day for High School Teachers

DanStem continuously organizing workshops and events for teachers and multipliers previously organized in by the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. In the future the format will be continued together with BRIC and will provide high school teachers with the opportunity to learn more about research fields in academia.

SUND - Talks på Toppen (Mærsk Tower)

Talks på Toppen (Talks on the top) is an initiative of the Faculty of Health and Medical Scienes offering a public lecture about health related topics together with a glimpse into the newest research, the view from the top of the Mærsk Tower and a cocktail for the interested public. DanStem scientists are lined up to present in the format in 2019.

Contribution to Danish and international initiatives

Science Talent Academy

The ScienceTalent Academy is a 2-year science study programme for talented young students attending upper-secondary schools in Denmark. DanStem scientists offer a half-day event full of hands-on activities, lectures and interaction to the students’ Stem Cell camp and provide a plan tailored to this target group. 

Danish Researcher Day (Forskningens Døgn) - Order a Scientist (Bestil en forsker)

DanStem scientists are participating at Researcher Day a countrywide initiative with over 700 events and 70.000 visitors happening each April. At the 'Order a Researcher' (Bestil en Forsker) events our scientists visit groups, schools or interested groups for a short lecture about their field of research.

Danish Science Festival (Naturvidenskabsfestival) – Science is visiting (Videnskaben på besøg)

In autumn, DanStem scientists are participating at the Danish Science festival, an initiative with over 150.000 visitors happening each year in week 39. At the 'Science is visiting’ scientists can be booked to visit schools for a short lecture about their field of research.

Lundbeck Lectures

DanStem scientists where invited to present scientific ideas to a public audience in the framework of Lundbeck Lectures an initiative of Lundbeckfonden to start public debate and Knowledge about Danish research in the public. The series invites leading Danish scientists to present interesting perspectives on cutting-edge research topics.

Science and Cocktails

DanStem scientists have been involved in Science & Cocktails, an initiative that brings science and entertainment closer together by creating a series of public lectures intertwined with music/art performances and cocktails.

Unistem Day

Each year UniStem  organizes an outreach event on stem cells dedicated to high school students. This event, UniStem Day, is currently the largest educational outreach initiative on stem cells and regenerative medicine in Europe with more than 7 countries and 50 institutions organizing events. As the Danish Representative DanStem collaborates with the initiative during the organization of the Annual Stem Cell Day.

Danish Peoples Meeting (Folkemødet) on Bornholm

In recent years, DanStem/BRIC scientist Kristian Helin has been invited to participate in debates about health and science politics and innovation organized by the University at the large Danish politics and democracy festival ‘Folkemødet’.