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DanStem Research Groups 

DanStem consists of  11 research groups who all address basic questions in stem cell and developmental biology with the overall aim of developing of new therapies for cancer and chronic diseases such as diabetes and liver failure. The research groups are focusing on Basic Stem Cell Biology and on Translational Stem Cell Research and Therapy.

DanStem Group Leaders (PIs)

Henrik Semb
Executive Director
The Semb Laboratory

Joshua Brickman

The Brickman Laboratory 


Elisabetta Ferretti

The Ferretti Laboratory

Anne Grapin-Botton

The Grapin-Botton Laboratory  

Kristian Helin

The Helin Laboratory

Kim Jensen (Affiliated)

The Jensen Laboratory

Agnete Kirkeby

The Kirkeby Laboratory

Elke Ober

The Ober Laboratory

Ole William Petersen

The Petersen Laboratory

Bo Porse

The Porse Laboratory 

Jakub Sedzinski

The Sedzinski Laboratory

Palle Serup

The Serup Laboratory