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The Serup Laboratory: Developmental biology of the pancreas


Our aim is to understand the developmental biology of the pancreas. We wish to understand the signalling events that regulate growth and differentiation of pancreatic cell types with special emphasis on the insulin producing beta cell. 

We are particularly interested in understanding how Notch signalling regulates several distinct processes during pancreatic development. The majority of our studies are done with chicken, mice and embryonic stem cells. We use a wide variety of techniques including gene targeting, transgenic mice, gene arrays, immunohistochemistry, confocal microscopy, tissue explants, and in ovo electroporation. The aim of all our experiments is to understand the genetic and cellular interactions that direct pancreatic organogenesis.

Ongoing Projects:

We are currently mapping the temporal requirement of Notch signalling in different processes occurring during pancreatic development as well as determining the cell biological details of Notch signalling events. We are also involved in a collaborative tool-generating project that aims to develop new fluorescent reporters for a number of developmental signalling pathways. These tools will significantly improve our ability to study signalling events in vivo and in vitro.

Selected Publications:

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