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  • DanStem Seminar by Paul Trainor


    Dr. Paul Trainor, Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology
    The University of Kansas School of Medicine, USA
    Title: Neural Crest Cells and their roles in vertebrate development, evolution and disease »

  • DanStem Seminar by Ken Poss


    Dr. Ken Poss, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Duke University, Durham, USA Title: Natural strategies for heart regeneration »

  • Open position: Laboratory Manager


    We are looking for a Laboratory Manager to have the first line responsibility regarding the laboratory organization and administration. »

  • New clues into how stem cells get their identity


    Scientists at the University of Copenhagen have identified one mechanism that explains how some stem cells choose to become a given cell type:  the cells combine specific sets of proteins at precise positions along the DNA. When these particular groups of proteins are combined, the gates are opened so that certain groups of genes can now be used, giving the cells a new identity. »

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